Splash-tastic Win for 25th Edinburgh

Splash-tastic Win for 25th Edinburgh

Posted: 7th February 2024

– Overall team result  

1st   25th Edinburgh (Portobello & Joppa) 

2nd 10th Leith (South Leith)

– P4 Free style 

no P4 swimmers 

– P5 Free style 

Sam Brockway                 winner  25th  

Luka Notarangelo             25th

Archie Mellers                  25th

– P6 Free style 

Archie McPherson            winner 25th  

Isaac Morrice                    10th

Aaren Ferguson                  25th 

– P6 Breaststroke 

Archie McPherson               winner  25th   

William Goodall                   25th  

Kingston Cao                        25th    

– P6 Front crawl 

Isaac Morrice                      winner  10th  

Archie McPherson              25th

Jack O’Donnell                    25th  

– P6 Back stroke 

Archie McPherson              winner  25th  

Isaac Morrice                      10th  

Aaron Ferguson                   25th  

– Team relay 

25th Edinburgh      winning team 

Composite team and 25th B team also competed. 

12 Boys from the 25th, and 3 Boys from the 10th took part. Thank you to Gordon, Jamie and Andrew for helping on the day.

Thank you to the Battalion for arranging this event.

Arthur Mathieson 10th Leith JS.