Junior Section Swimming Results

Junior Section Swimming Results

Posted: 30th November 2022

An exciting and fun afternoon was held on Saturday 26th November 2022 with Boys, leaders, parents, grandparents and friends all having fun. 

Thank you to Gordon Higgs and Jamie McDonald of the 25th and Abi Lee and Ciara Sloane of the 10th for helping with the judging and admin.   

Thank you to the Battalion for hiring the pool and the medals. 

2 Junior Sections with 21 Boys taking part.  

– Overall team result  

1st    10th Leith (South Leith)                      30 points 

2nd   25th Edinburgh (Portobello & Joppa) 15 points 

– P4 Free style 

Vincent Couture                    Gold     25th  

Archie Mellers                       Silver   25th  

William Simpson                   Bronze 10th   

– P5 Free style 

Issac Morrice                        Gold    10th  joint 1st 

Archie McPherson                Gold    25th  joint 1st 

Archie Gillan                        Silver   10th  

Mikolaj Bielak                      Bronze 10th  

– P6 Free style 

Jahmal Idebi                         Gold    10th  

Anthony Veverkova             Silver   10th  

Rory McDonald                   Bronze  25th 

– P6 Breaststroke 

Rory McDonald                   Gold    25th   

Lucas Smith                         Silver   25th  

Antos Muller                        Bronze  10th 

– P6 Front crawl 

Jahmal Idebi                        Gold     10th  

Martin Westgarth                Silver    10th  

Anthony Veverkova            Bronze  10th  

– P6 Back stroke 

Martin Westgarth                Gold     10th  

Jahmal Idebi                        Silver    10th  

Krzysztof Finkowski           Bronze  10th  

– Team relay 

10th Leith              Gold 

10th Leith              Silver 

25th Edinburgh      Bronze 

Composite team    4th 

Arthur Mathieson 27 Nov 2022 – Event Co-ordinator