Hands on with Cool Creatures

Hands on with Cool Creatures

1st August 2023, 1:00pm - 28th June 2024, 2:00pm

Event Details

Looking to add some excitement and wonder to your next gathering? We’ve partnered with Cool Creatures to bring an unforgettable experience to you!

Through our Making A Difference Campaign, we’re thrilled to offer [Company Name] the opportunity to have Calum and his menagerie of exotic animals join us for a 1-hour session at our hall. Whether furry, scaly, 8-legged or legless, Calum’s creatures are sure to dazzle and delight everyone.

Get up close and personal with animals you rarely encounter in the wild. Learn cool facts and insights about these captivating critters from Calum, an experienced wildlife expert. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that will spark curiosity, joy and meaningful conversations.

Best of all, the Battalion will cover the cost for up to 30 people. If you’d like to extend the session to 2 hours, there is an additional £50 fee.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity. Email Calum today at calum@coolcreatures.co.uk to book your date. Be sure to indicate your company name and preferred timing.