The Results are in....

Posted on: Thursday, November 28, 2019

interested in the scores and results for the Junior Section Swimming Gala, then click here for the full details.

The Junior Section swimming Gala took place on Saturday 23 November 2019 and it was an exciting and fun afternoon with children, leaders, parents, grandparents and friends all becoming involved.

Thank you to the 3 parents who acted as judges, Simon Porteous recording, Scott Drever and Andrew Dove as starters and Pamela McKay who attended to the admin. Also to Dean Kowalski our lifeguard.

6 Junior Sections with approximately 40 Boys taking part.

As now normal practice we had the ‘B’ finals for P4 & P5 where the first 3 Boys finishing in the B final recorded a score for finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (3, 2, and 1)..

The ‘A’ finals scored 6, 5, and 4 where Boys come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Now for the bit you all want to know about the race results are here:


Overall team result

1st   10th Leith (South Leith)                       56 points

2nd   25th Edinburgh (Portobello & Joppa)    22 points

3rd    65th Edinburgh (Currie)                     16 points


61st Edinburgh (Musselburgh), 1st West Linton, and 51st Bonnyrigg being the other JS taking part.


P4 Free style

Dominick Pospiech           Gold     10th

Corran Flanagan              Silver   61st

Spike McIntyre                Bronze 25th


P5 Free style

Dominic Moodie              Gold    25th

Alexander Welsh             Silver   1st

Kacper Grabowski           Bronze 10th


P6 Free style

Logan Clark                   Gold    65th

Rico McOnie-Martin        Silver  10th

Jarell Idebi                    Bronze 10th


P6 Breast stroke

Jarell Idebi                   Gold      10th 

Jamie Dickson              Silver    61st

Finday Hamilton Welsh  Bronze  25th



P6 Front crawl

Jayon Idebi                Gold      10th

Logan Clark                Silver    65th

Rico McOnie-Martin     Bronze  10th


P6 Back stroke

Jayon Idebi                Gold     10th

Logan Clark                Silver    65th

Rico McOnie-Martin     Bronze 10th


Team relay

10th Leith A            Gold

25th Edinburgh        Silver

1st West Linton       Bronze


A massive congratulations goes to the 10th Leith for once again winning the JS Swimming Trophy, it is becoming a bit of a tradion! 

And of course well done to all our other participants during the afternoon and to Arthur Mathieson for running the event on the day on behalf of the Battalion.