eHuBB 1: 21st August 2014

Posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Welcome to our eHuBB this week.

Growing Bigger, Growing Better: 1000km challenge


The Boys' Brigade in Scotland launched it's national event to start the 2014-2015 session!
Growing Bigger, Growing Better: The BB launches 1000km challenge
Find out more by going to



Cashback for Communities Small Grants Scheme

Boys’ Brigade Companies from around Edinburgh, Leith & District are invited to apply for start-up grants of up to £1,000 and programme grants of up to £2,000.  Companies should apply directly to Scottish Headquarters (Carronvale House).  For more information, please visit

Closing date: 1 September 2014



Anchor Boy Recruitment

Founded in 2000 Netmums is the UK's fastest-growing online parenting organisation with over 1.7 million members and 8 million unique users each month. Netmums is a family of local sites that cover the UK, each site offering information to mothers on everything from where to find playgroups, how to eat healthily and after school activities including uniformed groups in the area.

Young Mums in your area are likely to be using Netmums! Some BB Companies are already listed.  Perhaps you might want to promote your company in this way? It is particularly suitable for the recruitment of Anchor Boys.

Go here and follow these steps to get a listing:
1. Register
2. Choose your area from Edinburgh or SE Scotland.
3. Go to local activities, choose after school activities and then uniformed.
4. Add your company details and meeting nights/times.




New Leaders

It has become noticeable over the summer, that we still have a number of people working in Companies who are not registered as Leaders (Staff Sergeant, Helper, Warrant Officer, Lieutenant, Captain, etc).  As we plan for the new session, let's try to get everyone properly registered.  Please do not wait until you get the statistical return to register a new leader.  All the necessary forms are available on the BB Website.



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