Canoeing / Kayaking in The Boys' Brigade

Posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Since March 2015, The Boys' Brigade in Edinburgh, Leith & District has coached 66 members and leaders in canoeing / kayaking.

Canoeing / Kayaking in Numbers

  • 7 Canoeing / kayaking events have been run
  • 40 Members have achieved BC Paddlepower Start awards
  • 15 Members are working towards their BC Paddlepower Passport award
  • 5 Members have achieved BC Paddlepower Passport awards
  • 13 Seniors and leaders have achieved BC 1 Star awards

In addition, several Companies in the Battalion have coached its members in canoeing / kayaking during camps, holidays and residentials.

Special thanks must go to all the BB leaders who have made the above possible.  The Battalion hopes to introduce even more members and leaders to canoeing / kayaking over the coming years and develop their personal skills in the sport.

Watch this space for future opportunities.

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