AS & JS Lego Nativity Scene Challenge

Dec 13

AS & JS Lego Nativity Scene Challenge

Own Halls

Lego Nativity

Get your bricks and figures at the ready and prepare yourself for the next Lego Challenge.

Following the huge success and positive feedback of this activity at Easter time, we are now challenging your to create a Nativity Scene.  All it takes is a little imagination a bit of team effort and any old mix of Lego bits and pieces to create your scene.

This time around its 1 team entry for Anchors and 1 for Juniors, with a prize being awarded to the winning team in each section.

There are some examples shown on the entry form if you need a bit of added inspiration.  We hope to see all our Companies join in with this fun event and look forward to seeing your adaptations.

All Submissions must be sent to the office by Thursday 13th December 2018.

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