AS & JS Easter Lego Competition

Mar 29

AS & JS Easter Competition

Own Halls


It's time to get the Lego out and get creative.

The challenge has been set for all Anchor and Junior Sections to put your minds and fingers to work and try to create the "Easter Story" using only Lego.

We all have some stored away in a cupboard and what makes it simple is any old bits and pieces can be used and put together and all it takes is a bit of imagination to get things started.   Could be a collection of Classic lego mixed with some Lego Ninjago thrown in or get your Lego City Cops and robbers sets with some Star wars pieces (althought I don't think Yoda and Chewbacca quite fit in), but really anything goes so do give it shot.

There are some examples shown on the entry form with further details, we hope to see all our Companies join in with this fun event and look forward to seeing your adaptations.

All Submissions must be sent to the office by Thursday 29th March 2018.